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EuroBrief (EB) - Medium Size - 5288X
WAIST SIZE - 27"-43". Amazing absorbency and leakage control keep skin, clothing and linens dry up to 10-12 hours. It allows only 1 brief per night (an uninterrupted sleep), or maximum of 3 briefs per 24 hrs. This superior product is designed for heavy incontinence and includes the following features:
Odor reducing agent & re-fastening tapes.
Wetness indicator.
Colors and patterns may vary slightly from the product pictured in this catalog.
Extra Large size- up to 67”(see product #2124x).

One Case (80 briefs) 99.60
One Bag (20 briefs) 32.00
MediPrime is pleased to introduce our new Euro Incontinence Line. The new line has a sleek new look and is more absorbent than ever.

This line of incontinence products has unique features not found in most other product lines. A 93.3 ounce absorbency capacity, unprecedented leakage control, an extra dry environment, and a maximum of 3 changes per day are just a few of the features that have made the Euro Incontinence Line a tremendous success in more than 35 countries. The Euro Line was designed by leading experts in the disposable adult incontinence field. The products are manufactured to the highest standards, and made of the best materials available. MediPrime carries the full range of incontinence products to fit any size or need.

Caregivers, patients, and consumers all stand to benefit from the innovative design of the Eurobrief. It has been specifically formulated to help the family caregivers cope with the hard work involved in maintaining loved ones in severe states of urinary incontinence. The comfort and convenience that patients and consumers enjoy speaks for itself. The Eurobrief has been especially formulated to help patient and family caregivers to cope with the severe stages of incontinence. One brief allows a full and uninterrupted night´s sleep. By increasing caregivers´ and patients´ quality of life, the brief allows disabled individuals to remain at their own homes and in their own communities.

Although the brief may cost more on a per unit basis, its unique qualities result in the use of fewer briefs, less labor, and less laundering. Many customers report that their overall costs are lower. Extra Large sizes fit waists from 43 - 67 inches.

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